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December 9, 2021Louisville, TN US 37777

Client requested a new circuit we ran for the microwave and refrigerator. During our evaluation we discovered that the panel was not sized properly. We upgraded their panel from a 100 amp to a 200 amp system and added two new circuits for the refrigerator and microwave.

December 9, 2021Knoxville, TN US 37923

Our client had a rusted and leaking 22-year-old gas water heater, we were able to help them out by installing a new water heater for them with an expansion tank and shut off valves for the unit.

December 9, 2021Knoxville, TN US 37919

Our client needed his septic tank pumped and did not know the location of it. We were able to assist him in locating the tank and then pumped it and installed risers to access the tank, so that he never hast to deal with the frustration of locating or digging up his tank in the future.

November 22, 2021Sevierville, TN US

Client needed a routine pump and riser installation.

November 15, 2021Gatlinburg, TN US 37738

Providing a whole home electrical system analysis for rental property.

November 10, 2021Knoxville, TN US 37909

Updated electrical sub panel.

November 5, 2021Knoxville, TN US 37912

Client had old deteriorating cast iron piping under the slab causing slow drainage and stoppages. Client opted in to replace all piping under slab with new PVC and a new sewer lateral going all the way to the sewer tap outside.

November 4, 2021Knoxville, TN US 37918

Diagnosed and repaired client garage lights

November 4, 2021Knoxville, TN US 37923

Grease trap thoroughly scraped clean for the up and coming restaurant Horn of Plenty, which needed the service for an inspection.

October 28, 2021, TN US 37849

Client is adding new power for a mobile home and RV park. We installed the new meter bases and riser for them, and will be running new electrical for the lots as well.

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