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Best Electrical Rewiring Services in
Knoxville, TN

Learn The Best Way to Rewire a House With The Experts in Electrical Rewiring in Knoxville, Tennessee

Rewiring a house isn’t exactly a cheap service. However, with the increasing demand for electricity, it’s necessary to do a full house rewire and upgrade/update your home’s circuitry. If you’re not sure how to do that, the best way to rewire a house is to call the help of professional electricians in Knoxville, TN. Experienced electricians know what to look for during an inspection. Their goal is to thoroughly inspect your wiring to make sure that your home’s electrical system meets the needs and requirements of your family. It’s also a great way to ensure your family’s safety from power surges or overloading. Technicians at Hero Services are all highly skilled, and equipped with the right training for repair, upgrade, replace your home’s wiring, and more.

We offer affordable costs to rewire a house so you don’t have to worry about overspending. We are transparent especially in the financial aspect to help you understand why we have this specific rate.

We can provide you with wiring and rewiring services for the following


Rewiring an entire home is a complex and large project but it has a lot of benefits. Rewiring your entire home will help prevent electrical surges. It also makes sure that your home is up to code, insured, and good enough to be put up for sale.


The wiring on a hot tub or pool can be hazardous if done wrongly. Hero Services has got you covered. Our professional hot tub and pool electricians in Knoxville, TN are can take care of the following services:

  • Hot tub/pool lighting & system rewiring
  • Controller wiring
  • Pump wiring

As you know, working with wires in close proximity to water is very risky. Contact our well-trained and experienced electricians to get your pool or hot tub wired safely.


If you live in an older house that has aluminum wiring, we recommend rewiring your house as soon as possible. Our courteous electricians in Knoxville can inspect your current wiring on request, and offer professional advice on what upgrades or replacements are needed if there are any.

Size and Age of Your House

If your home is big and aged, rewiring can be expensive and complex. Another alternative to removing walls is known as pig-tailing. The process of pig tailing entails connecting aluminum wires to wire strands with a connector. This can serve as an affordable upgrade solution to your electrical system to satisfy local electrical codes.

Ease of Access to Wiring

A lot of electrical rewiring projects involve pulling down walls. But we have found a less destructive alternative to removing dry walls. With skills, experience, and proper tools, our licensed electricians will examine your attic to determine if it could serve as a simpler way to feed wires through the walls.

Materials Used

Home electrical wiring usually consists of 3 different wires in electrical insulation sleeves. The black wire, also known as “hot wire”, carries the electrical current. The white neutral (also known as neutral) sends unused electricity back to the breaker panel. The third wire, which is the bare copper wire is used to ground the electrical circuit. In addition to this, our expert team of electricians at Hero Services comes prepared with volt detectors, wire nuts, outlets, and more.


The size of the task and the architectural design determines the labor to be contributed. Rewiring a whole system, our expert electricians always try to first gain access to your wiring through attics, basements, or crawl spaces. Unfortunately on some occasions, we might be required to drill holes in the drywall to access old wires. If this method is necessary, this would mean more labor as we would need to knock down and patch up some parts of your walls.

Prevent Electrical Circuit Overload in Your Home

A frequent power outage is a common sign of overload. This is not new since most homes today in Knoxville, TN is fully loaded with every electronic appliance imaginable. There are TVs, surround sound systems, computers, laundry machines, a drier, and the list goes on. This overload will eventually trip your circuit breaker and may cause an electrical fire.

Avoid accidents in your home today. Request for full house rewires to update and upgrade your home’s electric lines.

Homeowners now depend more on electrical devices than they did before. This makes upgrades and routine maintenance of one’s electrical wiring circuitry crucial. At Hero Services, we are always available to help you adapt to higher power demands, replace faulty systems, and also make sure that your current wiring adheres to local requirements. Contact us today!

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