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Lights are critical to a home, which makes light switches one of the most commonly used components of an electrical system. Light adds life to your home and you can also use lights to manipulate how it emphasizes the best parts of your home. There are several kinds of light switches available in Knoxville, Tennessee today. Therefore, it is important to take your time when selecting the most suitable light switch for your rooms. 

The Different Kinds of Light Switch

Light switches are a personal choice. Some homeowners settle for the least expensive switch option on the market, but others may want the newest switch technology. Our professional electricians at HERO Services can easily install the light switches you desire and repair them when something goes wrong. Check out all the different kinds of light switches available in Knoxville, TN before choosing the right one for your home.

Wireless Light Switch

It is a light switch that commands lights and home appliances to automatically turn on or off. It may use radio transmission and existing power lines to communicate its commands. You can install this on your own or you can have a professional do the installation.

Motion Sensor Light Switch

It is capable of automatically turning the lights on or off – when you enter the room or when you exit the room. It’s energy-efficient and mostly used for kids’ bedrooms as they often forget to leave their bedroom lights on even with constant reminders.

Remote Light Switch

One example of a remote light switch is the Bluetooth light switch. You need to install a light switch with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. This feature then allows you to control the light using your phone.

Programmable Light Switch

This type is also a convenient way to customize your home and helps you save on energy consumption. You can schedule your lights and manually control them or let the programmable timer automatically run your programmed schedules for you.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are the simple, standard switches popular in homes today. You simply flip the toggle down or up to turn the lights on or off. This is as basic as they can get. They are the cheapest switches and are available in a variety of colors.

Push-Button Switches

These are the second most common type of switch, and they are also rather inexpensive. To make the switch work, simply press it from either the top or bottom. The switch may stay in its recessed position in certain models, while others may reset to their neutral state after being pushed.

Dimmer Switches

These switches are pretty useful for a number of reasons. Users can now change how bright the light is to their liking with a dimmer switch. Dimmers can have a round knob or a slide switch, and they are easy for a technician to install.

Depending on the brand of dimmer used, the dimming function may not be as good as some people would like. So, before you buy a dimmer, you should find out about the range of brightness it can provide. Installing dimmer switches make controlling the ambiance in each room a possibility. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, dimmer switches are the best! If you’re also looking to cut down on electricity, dimmer switches are your go-to because the light doesn’t always have to be on full power.

Smart Switches

One of the most recent advancements in the electrical industry is the introduction of “smart switches.” There are certain smart switches that are capable of connecting to the various lights and other installations that are already present in the home. However, there are certain of them that work best when combined with other appliances and lighting that also make use of smart technology.

The colors and intensity of light emitted by a smart light can be customized to the user’s preferences. The brightness of the lights may be adjusted anywhere between 1% and 100%, and the user can also set a timer for the lights to turn on and off automatically. A smart light and switch may be installed in any room of the house that the homeowner desires, and they are simple to install and configure with the help of an app on a smartphone.

DND Switches

The do not disturb (dnd) electrical switch is very different from the traditional light switch in the market. It comes with a soft-touch operating switch and is typically used in places where privacy and silence are prioritized like hospitals.

Knoxville TN Light Switch Services

Consider these options when choosing the right light switch for your home in Tennessee. If you are in doubt, ask the opinion of one of our professional electricians at Hero Services. Our team of licensed electricians is always ready to attend to your Knoxville TN Light Switch Services needs.

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