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Best Main Electrical Service Line in
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Replacing Main Electrical Service Line With the Professionals at Knoxville, TN

Most homeowners in Knoxville, Tennessee don’t usually think about main electrical service line repair when they move to a new home or when they’re renovating. They’re usually drawn into the additional windows, new floors, granite counters, and all that. It’s very rare for them to ask for anything related to electrical services such as to extend the main service electrical line or for a main electrical service line repair. These things only come to mind when absolutely necessary.


An electric service drop is the bundle of electrical cables that run from the electric utility power company pole to the connection at your house. They are called service “drop” because the cables that go to your home literally drop from the company’s power pole.


For your home to have electricity, it needs a service drop as all electricity to your home comes through the service drop. If your service drop goes down, your electricity will shut off, and adverse events such as fallen trees and limbs, and heavy ice buildup, can cause a service drop. If your service drop has been brought down, do contact a professional electrical service provider like Hero Services to fix it because they are dangerous since they carry a lot of electricity.


Minimum height requirements for service drop cables are usually determined by local electrical codes. As a rule of thumb, a service drop must be 12 feet ( at least) above the ground, sidewalks, and residential driveways. And for places accessible only to pedestrians, such as porches, the service drop must be at least 10 feet.


When inspecting your home’s electrical system in Knoxville, TN, our expert electricians consider whether your main service line needs to be replaced or upgraded. Inspection is critical, especially, for old homes with outdated wires and outlets. They are also going to check if you have a proper drip line for the main electrical service. The drip look work is important to ensure that there’s no water that enters the service entrance lines. Without the proper drip line for main electrical services, the water may go straight to the electrical panels in your home increasing the risk of accidents. You should contact your utility company in case of the following:

Added loads due to major remodeling

If you just concluded a major home remodeling project, this is most probably going to increase the load on your electrical system. You should contact Hero Services to perform a load calculation to determine if the current service has the capacity to handle your remodeled home.

Outdated equipment

Old three-wire (240-volt) 30-amp services are still on the market today. We have come across main disconnects with pull-out fuse blocks in the range configuration. A lot of homeowners don’t know both fuse blocks need to be retaken out to kill the power to the house.

According to the code, you have to be able to kill the power with 6 movements of the hand, at most – flipping six switches or pulling out six blocks. A service that has no main disconnect and six or more breakers require an upgrade if any new circuits are added as part of the remodel. It is important that all remodels should add circuits.

Faulty Equipment

One more reason for a service change is faulty electric panels. These can send excessive electricity to appliances and cause them to overheat. You risk a fire hazard if you ignore a faulty electric panel.


All the appliances in your home are powered via a service drop. Since the power company lines are much taller and higher than your home, the cables going to your home are descending from a higher to a lower spot. Thus, the term drop lines.

Homeowners should never attempt to do any repair work on their service drop because the service drop belongs to the utility company, not the homeowner. And also, power in the service drop cables can not be shut off except by the utility company.

Homeowners are also advised not to attempt any work on the cables between the service drop and the electric service panel in their homes. Should you have issues with the service drop supplying power to your home, contact your utility company. If you have problems with the cables between the service point and your home’s service panel in Knoxville, TN, contact a licensed electrician like Hero Services’ technicians. We offer electrical repairs, replacements, and other electrical services in Knoxville, TN, with unparalleled skills.

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