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For you to know the value of a properly charged refrigerant in a properly functioning system, it is important for you to understand the ins and outs of its operation. Refrigerant is a substance that is in the form of liquid and gas. It flows throughout your system, sucking in the heat of your home in its liquid state. As it cools, it becomes a highly pressurized gas that cools the coils.

What is Refrigerant Charge?

This is another way to describe the refrigerant levels in your system. When your unit is overcharged, it means it has too much refrigerant. A unit that is undercharged has too little refrigerant. If you need assistance in determining the refrigerant levels in your system, Hero Services has licensed specialists who can come to your aid. Once they see that your refrigerant numbers are not at the right level, they will then provide you with high-quality refrigerant charge services in Knoxville TN.

Reasons for Low Refrigerant Levels.

If your refrigerant levels are low, the following might be the cause:

Incorrect installation

Your AC system makes use of a refrigerant that absorbs heat, thereby releasing a cooling effect. The refrigerant has to be put in the condenser and sealed off to avoid leaks. If the condenser hasn’t been well charged, it can cause the refrigerant to leak or evaporate.

A gas leak

Leaks in the condenser unit are some of the most common indicators of low refrigerant levels in both air conditioners and refrigerators. Sometimes, it could also be a case of improper installation, aging, and worn-down parts; joints can suffer deterioration and loosen over time, resulting in a leak.

An unmaintained system

An AC system that doesn’t have routine maintenance will most probably have lower refrigerant levels. When the AC is running for days, chances are that the unit is suffering a leak. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you have your AC system checked and serviced often.

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It is very important that the perfect levels of refrigerant are maintained in your system. A well-charged system will ensure your unit is running efficiently while eliminating the risk of further damage. If your system is well maintained by a licensed technician, your refrigerant has a high chance of lasting a long time. Are you a homeowner looking for a refrigerant charge in Knoxville TN? Contact Hero Services right away and we will be at your home right away.

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