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Gas System Services

Affordable And Safe Gas Maintenance Service in Knoxville, TN

It can be challenging to choose the best company to hire for gas repair services in Knoxville, Tennessee. But don’t worry, we are here now.  Hero Services strives to ensure that our clients’ gas systems are both reliable and safe. We have skilled experts trained and accredited to examine even the most complex of your problems and provide you with effective and affordable services. Our services help you to save money on your price. +

We make sure to provide you with customized maintenance programs designed to meet the clients’ specific needs. We will deal with your repairs and maintenance daily to provide you with reliable and satisfying service.

Gas Line Servicing For Homes in Knoxville, Tennessee

We are a Knoxville, Tennessee-based gas system service company that offers gas line maintenance to ensure that your property is protected from any unforeseen hazards posed by your gas system. Homeowners in Knoxville, Tennessee, are responsible for ensuring that their gas line is maintained correctly.

It’s advisable to be proactive in controlling your gas systems and ensuring your home’s gas system is free from potentially high-risk issues. For properties in Knoxville, we will provide a yearly gas repair package. Auditing, testing, and monitoring are also part of this initiative. All fuel issues caused by old and faulty appliances can be identified, analyzed, and prevented. We want to make sure you don’t have any mishaps and don’t have to spend too much money on repairs and replacement.

Ensuring a Reliable Gas Pipeline System in Knoxville, TN

Our company employs a team of business experts with years of expertise in the field. We understand that providing the proper pipeline system solutions is critical for your peace of mind. We are a dependable firm that prides itself on its customer-centric approach. Our goal would be to provide you with high-quality work as well as a satisfied nod when we leave your premises.

We will take care of anything you need, including installation, routine servicing, and emergency repairs, among other things. Our technical services are available 24 hours a day! When it comes to our jobs, we emphasize safety and the environment. We stick to our goals and complete our responsibilities with our clients with perseverance, commitment, and compliance with the rules and protocols.

Call us and get a  free estimate and routine consultation with us.

In Need of Gas Installation at Your Residence? 

Natural gas is delivered directly to your house from the mainline.  Typically, the natural gas utility controls the upkeep and procedure of the gas pipeline and residential establishments. However, the gas supply lines downstream for the residential meter are the responsibility of the house owners.

It is for this reason that we are open. We recognize that not all homeowners in Knoxville, Tennessee, are familiar with how the gas system works. We pledge that all of the gas supply lines leading to your home are taken care of with our assistance. If you have a gasoline furnace or range, you won’t have to worry about the complications. You don’t have to be concerned with your fireplace, and we are here!.

Qualified Gas System Service Provider in Knoxville, TN

Appreciate the benefit of hiring professionals to install, inspect, and maintain your gas water pipe. You get the best technical facilities and results for the gas system when you have professionals by your side. You should be confident that there are no issues with the construction and that your home is safe from gas water leakage and other related threats.

You don’t need to be concerned about your gas lines because safety factors are the topmost top priority of experienced and professionals. We are professionals who have full training and realistic experience. Also, we only employ those who meet our high standards of integrity and dependability. You can ask our previous customers or check our website for positive feedback on our satisfying professional services.

You don’t have to be worried about your gasoline lines, or about replacing your gas tanks, or even about leaking gas lines or other fire hazards. Our team has been trained for the role, so we have the tools to do the job. Contact Hero Services in Knoxville, Tennessee, for our expert services.

Do not compromise the safety of your home. Call us!

Gas Appliance Installation

Are You Looking For a Dependable Company For Gas Equipment Installation in Knoxville, Tennessee?

Several households have gas-powered home appliances, and it’s no surprise if you need one constructed at your residence. Nonetheless, given how risky gas is, you may be worried about its installation. You should avail of the services of accredited pros for the installation of whether a gas stove, fireplace, water heater, family fridge, cooktop, or heating system. +

Gas Appliance Installation

They will guarantee that it must be securely attached, operated and ventilated, operational, and, most significantly, safe to use. Hero Services at Knoxville, TN, is precisely what you need. Installing gas home appliances, such as a gas stove and a gas clothes dryer, is a good example. A team of highly trained industry professionals will carry out the installation. You should be assured that they are capable and informed in any part of the service you have. We take great care to ensure that the building is done correctly and that you are secure.

Why Should You Let The Pros Do The Installation?

As owners, the worst thing you want is to cause damage to your building.

You only do what you think is perfect for your property. Business owners are cautious in taking good care of our properties. As distressed or worried, you may well be thinking of installing gas-powered services at your residence all by yourself.

A gas leak may originate from an inappropriate installment. This is without a doubt the most compelling reason to stop yourself from installing fuel devices or doing your simple gas line safety evaluation. It’s not only because the equipment won’t work correctly or somehow; it’s also because it poses a severe health risk to the family.

It could cause damage to these devices themselves. When it isn’t stimulated completely, it won’t work correctly or in any way.

An accident may occur in case the installment is performed incorrectly. When a gas line leaks due to improper installation, it could create a fire. Fuel is, of course, flammable, making it extremely risky to have in your house. As an alternative to doing the venture all by yourself to save expense, it’s a lot better to employ pros.

They have the right expertise along with the devices to execute the installment appropriately.

 Hero Services offers fuel equipment installation in Knoxville, TN, always. We have experienced professionals who will always be open to complete the task completely. We provide high-quality installment solutions at an affordable expense.

The Best Gas  Appliances Installation Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

If you’re trying to find a company to install fuel equipment, consider us. We offer fuel equipment installment at a sensible cost without having to sacrifice service productivity. Registered contractors will attend to your requirements and respond to your queries throughout the installment.

Registered contractors will attend to your requirements and respond to your queries throughout the installment. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service offered at Knoxville, TN.

Contact us and schedule your gas appliance installation. We won’t disappoint you

Gas Repipe

Gas Repipe

Do You Need a Gas Repipe For Your House in Knoxville, Tennessee?

Does the gas line in your home need some restoration? Do you need overhead gas to repipe? Whatever you need, we are ready to provide them for you. Just call in and Hero Services will be there. We have a crew of skilled plumbing professionals who are experienced in gas lines. You need industry experts in Knoxville, TN to do the repairs and repiping for you. This ensures safety and efficiency as well. +

In time, your pipes will break down. This will interfere with the capability of your gas flow. If the issue is unaddressed or if you just let it go without repair, then you will be facing more damages in the future. If you want top-rated solutions then don’t wait for too long before making the call. 

Don’t let the cost keep you from getting the repipe and repair that you need. Reach out to the right people to ensure the safety of your property and the people in it. 

Take a Whiff And listen Closely

A gas leak smells like a rotten egg, otherwise referred to as mercaptan. You may sense a bit of light-headedness and you may feel nauseous too, that’s another indicator your gas is leaky.

There’s another drip if you happen to pick up that hissing or clunking from your gas location. If this is the case, it’s far better and safer to reach out to a specialist to help you. 

Check Your Appliances

Listen for noise coming from your appliances. This noise is another sign that your appliances aren’t working properly and this may be caused by broken pipes. 

An Unexplained Surge in Your Monthly Bills

Very few homeowners in Knoxville, Tennessee know that a gas leak could also lead to an increase in monthly bills. They’d assume that the culprit is something else, often they’d think it’s the AC. But look at your gas and check for leaks as well. 

Get a Gas Repiping Service From Industry Experts in Knoxville, Tennessee

Let the pros do their job. Take the backseat and let us do what we do best, keep you safe from imminent danger due to gas leaks and other issues. What are you waiting for? Call us now.

Gas Line Repairs

Do You Have a Gas Line Problem in Knoxville, Tennessee?

Many homeowners have gas lines installed in their residences to power numerous kitchen appliances such as water heaters. This gas is supplied with a below-the-ground tube system, and due to various reasons, there will be gas line problems. In this case, everyone on the property is in danger.

It’s an actual dilemma because it’s incredibly harmful due to the highly unpredictable and detrimental elements. This problem should be addressed right away. +

Gas Line Repairs

Hero Services can help you with that. We have a staff of experts who will work collaboratively to give you the safest solution. 

How Can Gas Line Repairs Save You From Risks?

Gas line damages are dangerous for the family and your home. It may cause fires among other things. If you have several kitchen appliances in your home run by gas, then you have multiple gas lines too. Appliances such as water heaters, stoves, and others use gas lines. In this case, you will need to be more careful with your gas lines. 

Due to wear and tear, your gas lines will eventually have damages. The damages may likely interfere with the operations in your home, especially with the cooking and heating. A leak will likely happen and this may cause fire and other disasters. We, at Hero Services, aim to ensure that you won’t face the gas line dilemma. 

We have skilled experts who work meticulously and thoroughly to ensure the protection of your residence. Any problem will be resolved before it becomes unmanageable at Knoxville, TN.

The Importance of Gas Line Repairs

Consider how harmful it could be if gas lines develop a significant problem. It might leave you anxious at all times. There are signs to watch out for and to know that your gas line needs repair. 

Beginning To Crack

Gasoline plumbing is inclined to crack because of the energy that passes through the tubes. The cracks release the gas into the property and harm the people in it. Our experts in Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, know just what to do to ensure that your pipes aren’t going to crack. They know how to fix the problem to protect you and your home. 

Hissing Noise

A slight hissing noise might mean that the gas is released. Check the pipes and the gas lines. Spot for leaks and cracks. Hero Services provides help to easily spot where the noise is coming from and repair it before it turns into a big problem. 

Appliances Are Slowing Down

In case your equipment’s performance falls, this might be due to a leaking gas pipe. Your kitchen appliance may not work in its best condition. Hero Services have a team of professionally trained to repair gas leaks. We are the specialists to look for when it comes to your gas line problems. 

The Best Gas Line Leak Repair at Knoxville, Tennessee

Hero Services offers premium services at an affordable rate. We are committed to giving our clients the satisfaction they deserve. We don’t want you stressing out because of the impending danger caused by gas line problems. Contact us if you have more questions about the services we offer or about the kind of services you need. We are always ready to help the community of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Gas Service Line Replacement

Gas Service Line Replacement

High-Quality Gas Line Replacement Service Provider in Knoxville, TN

If your gas line needs to be replaced, you’ll want an experienced technician to do the job. Your gas line is an essential part of your home that ensures that your kitchen appliances work correctly. Your home’s major appliances depend on a working gas system. Take into account  Hero Services to deal with your gas line replacement concerns at Knoxville, TN. +

Hero Services offers you the most reliable gas line services. We use our services strategy to host other professional services, such as gas line repair, and we’ve handled anything from small to large tasks with an overall commitment to excellence. To take advantage of our highly rated facilities, give us a call. 

Certified Professional Gas Line Replacement Service

Installing or replacing a gas line is better left to the professionals at Hero Services. This ensures that the pieces are appropriate for your room, that all of your kitchen appliances are in the proper location, and that the installation is of high quality and can last for a long time. We should distinguish a high-performing device from one that needs routine maintenance. Gas line replacement requires expertise and demands specific tools. That’s why hiring professionals gives you access to a wide range of information about gas line replacement specialist resources that you can trust.

We are pleased to offer the perks of the service to our clients throughout Knoxville, TN.

Whenever you have a  scheduled appointment, we get there on-site promptly.

Our helpful specialists include correct coaching, accredited, bonded, and covered with insurance. We offer flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees at any time of day or on any day of the week so that you can avoid extra costs. Last but not least, we are dependable and can repair your gas line the first time.

Our gas line replacement or installation meets the sector standards. Trust us to handle your gas line replacements, from washing machines to backyard barbeque pits. We know our neighbors’ unique petrol line system requirements as a locally owned company, and we will provide you with the most cost-effective solution. Call us today for high-quality gas line repair and installation in Knoxville, Tennessee.

How Experts Carry Out Gas Line Replacement in Knoxville, TN?

The natural gas supply line under your house would eventually deteriorate and leak gas. Hero Services professionals have all of the necessary supplies and equipment to replace a gas pipe, and they know how to minimize digging in your landscape. To obtain entry to the service tee, only a limited area must be excavated.

A guidewire will be used to connect a new pipe to the splitter head, and the access stage will be used to pull it into position. When you contract our business to do the work, you’ll be ecstatic to learn that our gas line repair is much more economical and has a much less impact on your lawn, back garden, sidewalk, or front yard.

If you want Hero Services as your local fuel line repair firm, rest assured that we will provide you our dependable technician. We offer service to all Knoxville, TN homeowners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gas Leak Locating

Accurate Gas Leak Detector in Knoxville, Tennessee

If your gas lines have served you for so long, they could wear away and become susceptible to leakage. This means you are having a potential risk towards the safety of people inside your home or commercial building if still left unchecked. Gas lines that connect flammable gases to various appliances make use of fire consisting of volatile components. +

Gas Leak Locating

This could be dangerous if gas escapes from the pipes and ends up in places it shouldn’t be. Our company specialists in Knoxville, TN, have received proper training and are certified to detect and repair gas leaks. Some gas leaks aren’t always perceptible towards the olfactory sense— so if you believe there is a potential leak, call your local gasoline recognition company right away.

Services Offered in Knoxville, TN

Our experts in detecting oil leaks have honed their skills through several years of experience. Furthermore, but are still industry leaders in the use of top-of-the-line new technologies for locating gas leaks. We request that gas leak detection be left to the experts at Hero Services in Knoxville, Tennessee.

For your leaking gas lines, we provide you with gasoline detection and repair. We can also conveniently mount gas alarms and shut-off valves just for you. Our experts will perform routine inspections on your fuel lines to ensure that faults are identified and addressed before they become dangerous.

How to Find a Gas Leak?

Many appliances are powered by gas inside your home, so a gas leak is not impossible. Sadly, it can be hazardous. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget about the signs.

Unpleasant Smell

This is the initial indicator to be aware of when suspecting a gasoline leak. If you notice a  peculiar odor of junk or rotten eggs at your residence, a gasoline line might be leaking someplace.

Whistling Noise

If you hear a hissing or whistling noise, a gasoline line might be ruptured. Try to look for the gasoline line and listen closely if it’s where the noise arrives.

Dead Plants

Natural gas can destroy vegetation for plants and flowers. If you see that your plants and flowers are dead and discolored for no apparent purpose acknowledged, then you should look at a potential gas leak.

Natural Gas Detector

By far, the most exact strategy to place a gas leak is still using a gas leak sensor.

These are usually hand-held or plug-in devices. If the degree of gas identified is high enough, it indicates a gas leak along the machine will beep loudly.

The Best Leak Sensor in Knoxville, Tennessee

Our company of pros in Knoxville has been carrying out high-quality gas leak detectors for quite some time. We indeed have been labeled as the top-performing gas leak company safeguarding community properties from gas leak dangers. Property owners at Knoxville, Tennessee, can attest to this. 

Locating a gas leak needs to be exact and exact. It is a great thing that our qualified pros just use the ideal and the majority of stylish leak detectors to pinpoint the precise place of your ruptured gas line.

Contact our customer service now to get your house professionally checked out.

Gas Generator Installation

Gas Generator Installation

Are You Planning For A  Gas Generator Installation in Knoxville, TN For Your Home?

Many occasions may affect your potential grid and thus trigger potential disruption. The possible lack of electrical power may go on for several hours or perhaps days.

Property owners in Knoxville, Tennessee, have chosen to take emergency power into their own hands by buying a small transportable generator. However, a small generator won’t be enough to power a whole house, from the lighting to the heating and air conditioning system. In Knoxville, you will need an installation of an gas generator. +

What is a Gas Electrical Generator Installation?

A natural gas generator is a generator that uses natural gas rather than gasoline or diesel. In 2019, gas generators made up 43% of the general generation capability across the nation. Unlike other gas generators, acquiring a natural gas generator installation is much more inexpensive, effective, and environment-friendly.

Don’t concern yourself with the charge to install a natural gas generator. We provide our services at a very affordable level. There are two main significant varieties of gas generators.

Standby Generators

It’s a typical kind for residential and commercial installation. Natural gas generators are permanently installed and supplied with gas through the local utility business. The standby generator kicks into total equipment automatically as soon as the power is cut. The downside is that it’s not designed to work for many hours on end, just for emergencies.

Prime Generators

If there is no local utility in the region, the ideal potential generators are used. This is a less popular option, particularly for residential purposes. Installing a Gas Generator would keep your home secure.

Secure Your House By Using a Propane Generator

Potential outages are a hassle, and homeowners in Knoxville, TN, understand that. Therefore, a choice of a propane electrical generator installment is far more reputable and safe than gasoline. The gasoline quickly degrades after a while, and when you’re holding it to your transportable generator, it may not be of use anymore. Even though you leave it within the generator’s tank, it would eventually result in a generator failure. 

Propane, on the flip side, does not disintegrate. Even if it’s stored, it might still automatically start working as soon as the power has gone out.

Ensure The Right Spot For Your Standby Generator in Knoxville, Tennessee

The generator placement is essential for your residence to function correctly. Furthermore, it should be positioned correctly, which means your property and your loved ones are secure through the dangerous fumes. There are several things you need to follow. 

You have to check with professional plumbing specialists to learn the restrictions and demands from several firms, such as the power supply companies, local code authorities, manufacturer notes, and the National Fire Protection Association. If you wish to keep the property still working regardless of there’s an electrical power shortage, phone us for the job for you. There exists a team of experts who are willing to assist you with your generator needs.

Gas System
Inspections & Testing

A Safe And Reputable Gas Inspection in Knoxville, Tennessee

Don’t take risks with the security of your house. Protecting your home from the dangers of gas leaks also means you’re concerned about your family’s well-being. A gas safety check is required, and it must be carried out by licensed plumbers or Gas Safe Registered Engineers. When it comes to gas Inspection, Hero Services is the company to call.


Our competent inspectors are dedicated to their work and enthusiastic about it. The following is intended to assist any homeowner in Knoxville, TN, in comprehending the significance of their homes and how safety is our primary concern. +

Gas System Inspections & Testing

We promise your complete happiness with whatever job we complete, so we won’t leave your property until we’re confident we’ve completed the job correctly. We do a detailed and systematic inspection to determine exactly what is going on with your gas system.

Gas Inspection in Knoxville, TN

Home gas inspection can be a vital element of preserving your residence and making sure your household is safe from the risk of inhaling gas leakages. Gas Testingcan be a technique for house owners in Knoxville, Tennessee, to determine if there are any gas leaks and recognize other problems that may help you avoid more costs. 

Home Gas Inspection Business for Knoxville, Tennessee home

For your home gas inspection in Knoxville, TN, you can only hire the best and most dependable firm. Before hiring a firm to conduct your home fuel appraisal, you should look at various issues. If you want to be thorough in choosing the right fit for yourself, many gas inspection companies provide similar services.

Don’t be concerned about the gas inspection expense because Hero Services offers affordable costs for our high-quality solutions. You have to think of some concerns before you decide which company you want to work with.

Use of Technology

Inspections are all the more potent if you use advanced technology. The equipment condition is more quickly, more secure, plus more effective when it comes to pipeline evaluation. In addition to the tools, there is also computer software along with the data engaged. The more excellent data that the professional plumbing company you work with has, the greater the final results.


Make a request of the plumbing-related experts, make a phone call, and inquire about the plumbers’ experience. The more years of professional experience they have, the better trained they are to deal with your issues.


Their status is yet another thing to consider when hiring for any gas inspection company.

Make sure that you’re hiring specialists using a stellar status. Check out their reviews, ask around, and seek information. When they deal with their clients with respect and supply the most effective solutions, rest assured that you will be receiving the identical finest solutions. 

Give us a call these days and set a schedule. We won’t let you down!

Commercial Gas System Services

Gas System Services

Is Your Commercial Gas System in Knoxville, Tennessee, Troubling?

Gas lines are a must-have feature for  all commercial buildings. Several gas-powered appliances are essential components of almost any market structure. As a result, when a problem with the gas system arises, it causes many tasks to be disrupted. We provide some kind of gas for various business facilities, including dining establishments, care homes, lodges, breweries, medical facilities, and educational institutions, in Knoxville, Tennessee. +

Our certified experts will review all commercial gas equipment and pipework to provide you with a variety of solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

The Demand For Commercial Gas Services

Commercial gas systems working from the producing center can be considered an essential part of the business that keeps the companies going. Gas system-powered commercial appliances are enabling the organization to operate effectively time in and out. Nonetheless, these commercial gas systems can sustain damages over the years and top the business to suffer. Hero Services delivers commercial gas system solutions like installing, servicing, troubleshoot, and maintenance.

We have licensed professionals with expertise in manipulating your gas systems. We can support you at all times to obtain your issue fixed. At Knoxville, TN, fuel system troubles can forget a problem. We know what to do to provide you with the most effective remedy.

Effective Commercial Gas System Company in Knoxville, Tennessee

As a businessman, the very last thing we wish for is for our company to get into difficulties.

We go to any measures to hide any rising difficulty to prevent risking the business’s smooth operations. Errors within a commercial building’s gas system aren’t a minor issue.

This is a severe problem that requires urgent consideration.

Commercial gas systems that work from the distribution center are a vital component of the industry’s operation. The company’s commercial machiners are powered by the gas system machinery that allows it to function effectively every day. Nonetheless, over time, these commercial gas systems will be damaged, causing the business to struggle.

Get Your Gas Line System Checked by Hero Services at Knoxville, TN

Any incidents that occur near a business are the company’s responsibility. The business owner is responsible for both his employees and the company as a whole. If there are some problems with the gas lines, the business would most likely be at risk. People’s welfare and, as a result, the structure could never be compromised because of cost implications

Get your gas system checked regularly and spend a bit. This is much better than dropping a sizable amount of money as a result of an accident. Knoxville, TN, provides high standards of service at a sensible price. Your security, and therefore of your workers and the organization, is our maximum top priority.

Hero Services have a team of very skilled professionals who can solve any gas system concern inside your commercial building. Schedule your appointment time along with us and have your gas system checked by professionals.

Plumbing Services

Residential Plumbing Services

Residential Plumbing Services

Looking for residential plumbing services? We are here to help you fix your plumbing problems.
Plumbing Leak Services

Plumbing Leak Services

Don’t let water leaks ruin your water system! Get your pipe leak fixed with our professional and experienced plumbers.
Water Heater Services

Water Heater Services

Say goodbye to cold showers and enjoy the steam from your hot showers. Choose comfort, choose hot showers now
Sewer System Services

Sewer System Services

Our clients keep coming back for our fast and reliable sewer and drain line solutions can come in your way today.
Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We provide a 5-star residential  drain cleaning service and ensure a drain system without a glitch

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We provide a 5-star residential drain cleaning service and ensure a drain system without a glitch

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Have your water treated with our highly-skilled plumbers to ensure that your water is free from any contamination
Water System Services

Water System Services

We know the importance of a good water system. We provide a system designed to keep you from frequent major repairs.
Gas System Services

Gas System Services

Worry less and trust our experts in gas plumbing that provide same-day residential gas services

Gas System Services

Gas System Services

Worry less and trust our experts in gas plumbing that provide same-day residential gas services


There are quite a few service contractors operating in Knoxville, providing installation, maintenance, and repair services to commercial and residential customers. With this in mind, you may be asking yourself why you should hire Hero Services in Knoxville, TN to take care of your needs, in preference to another company in the area. To help you make the right decision (hiring us of course!), we have listed the key benefits of working with us rather than one of the other service companies in the area of Knoxville, TN:

Available 24/7

Our professional office staff and technicians are always ready to serve you in Knoxville, TN. We are awaiting your call 24/7.

Licensed, Insured, & Bonded​

Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, is licensed, bonded, and 100% insured. We guarantee the safety of our staff, technicians, and of course, our clients as well.

Professionally Trained

Our highly experienced technicians are the reason that we are able to provide such a fantastic range of high-quality services in Knoxville, TN.​

Veteran Founded

As a veteran, Robert Keith has sought to transfer the military’s values of discipline, honesty, and pride to his work. Our mission here at Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, is to apply those same values when serving our clients.

Background Checked & Drug Tested

All of our technicians are background checked to ensure you that whoever we send your home are technicians you can confidently trust to serve you.

What Our Customers Say



Here in Knoxville, Tennessee Hero Services, we aim to help our customers as best as we can. As a Veteran-Led Business, we served our country now it is time to serve you. Below are some limited time offers for you to enjoy. Get them now before it is to late.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get charged?

Instead of charging by time and material, were you don’t know what the price is until we’re done. We do StraightForward pricing. That means there are no hidden fees. Parts, labor, supplies, warranties etc. are all given in one price before we start the work. So, the price you approve is the price you pay.

Can you just give me a ballpark price?

Estimating a job accurately is impossible without seeing it ourselves. In our experience giving a ballpark price ends in one of two ways

1. We quote it too high and you choose another provider, based on misinformation.

2. We quote it too low and you will be upset when you find out the real price. We find it best to send a technician to you to assess the situation and give you a straightforward price that you can rely on

Are you able to you pull permits and everything that’s required?

Yes. We are fully licensed and we will do every job up to code.

Will the tech have everything he needs in his truck to fix this problem?

Our trucks are fully stocked to handle every common issue and over 90% of every other situation. That way we can save you time and money.

Do you have financing?

Yes. We have easy to apply for financing options. There are several to choose from including 0% interest and same as cash. There is no need to wait for that repair or replacement. Apply today.

Didn't Find the Answer?

We are easy to reach by phone, through e-mail, and in person. If you have further queries, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.




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  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Discounted Septic Pumping
  • Extended Warranties
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  • Home Value Booster
  • Heating Tune Up
  • Cooling Tune Up
  • Front of Line Service
  • Service Fee Discount
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$ 120
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Discounted Septic Pumping
  • Extended Warranties
  • Discount on Services
  • Home Value Booster
  • Heating Tune Up
  • Cooling Tune Up
  • Front of Line Service
  • Service Fee Discount
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • No Contract

Terms & Conditions: The V.I.P. Club is not a contract; you can cancel at any time. Dues collected before cancellation will not be reimbursed. Discounts are for future services only, not on day of joining. The membership dues must stay up to date for the benefits to be valid. The V.I.P. Club is transferable, 1) if the new homeowner will continue the monthly fee to maintain the membership 2) if the client transfers to a new residence. Drain stoppages are not included in the extended warranty. Failure of fixtures through abuse, misuse, neglect, vandalism, freezing, fire, flood or other acts of God will not be covered. Recurring services are performed once per year for each membership.


Robert Keith

Hero Services Founder

Robert Keith began his career in plumbing while serving in the United States Air Force, receiving his training at Sheppard Air Force Base. After 4 years as a plumber and pipefitter, he served 7 years as an instructor for the Air Force Civilian Service. Robert has experience in utilities, industrial, residential, construction, service, and repair. He has been trained and certified with items such as Uponor Pex, Tracpipe, propress, and megapress, and has received master plumbing licenses in three different states. In his 30+ years of experience, Robert has sought to transfer the military’s values of discipline, honesty, and pride to his work. At Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, our mission is to apply those same values when serving our clients.

R. Keith

hero services logo

Robert Keith

Hero Services Founder

Robert Keith began his career in plumbing while serving in the United States Air Force, receiving his training at Sheppard Air Force Base. After 4 years as a plumber and pipefitter, he served 7 years as an instructor for the Air Force Civilian Service. Robert has experience in utilities, industrial, residential, construction, service, and repair. He has been trained and certified with items such as Uponor Pex, Tracpipe, propress, and megapress, and has received master plumbing licenses in three different states. In his 30+ years of experience, Robert has sought to transfer the military’s values of discipline, honesty, and pride to his work. At Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, our mission is to apply those same values when serving our clients.

R. Keith

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