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Pipes Winterization Service in Knoxville, TN to prevent very cold pipes

Pipes winterization is necessary to ensure that your pipes aren’t frozen over the winter. It’s also an effective way to avoid damage to your pipes due to the cold weather. Hero Services has developed its own approach to making sure that your pipes are well-conditioned after the winter season.

Winterizing Your Home

Scheduling a home winterization service is important if you want to keep your pipes from freezing. The cost of dealing with ruptured pipe can be massive due to the repair, retorartion and replacement services.

To avoid this, why don’t you check out our winterization services in Knoxville TN? As part of our winterization plan, we will turn off the water main and drain all of the residual water. This is to make sure that your pipes don’t freeze.

Drain Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

It is also vital that we remove all residual water in all the fixtures in your home, like those in your bathrooms, garage, kitchen, e.t.c. If we do not address this, the consequences can be really severe. Not only can it lead to frozen pipes and cause damage by bursting, it can also lead to other issues and even damage your fixtures to the point where a replacement is your only option. As part of our winterization plan, we will drain the water from all your fixtures.

Protect Your Appliances

Damage done to appliances are worse than damages done to your fixtures. This is because they will incure more costs when it ‘s time to repair or replace time. With our winterization services in Knoxville TN, your appliances will be very well protected. This includes refrigerators, water heaters, dish washers and so on.

Other Winterization Tips

During the colder season, your pipes are more prone to freezing. Here are some tips to further prevent frozen pipes in your home:

Modify Your Thermostat

Modify your thermostat at its lowest level. You don’t have to turn it off completely. In normal weather, Keep your home warm.

Insulate Your Pipes

You should consider insulating any pipes installed in unheated areas, such as in the basement or garage. This is because, in severely cold weather, pipes underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks are susceptible to freezing. You can also use affordable insulation sleeves such as slip-on foam pipe insulation that you can buy from your local depot. Make sure that there are no gaps in your pipes to avoid easy freezing. You can also check out plastic pipes as they are more tolerant to colder weather.

Disconnect Kitchen Appliances as Well as Other Electronic Products

Decrease your bills when you’re away from home. One way of doing so is by disconnecting all your electric appliances when you’re not home. Unplug them from the sockets to avoid a spike in energy use.

Seal air leaks

Check your home for any openings that could let cold air in. If you locate any, seal them around the piping in outer or inner walls and the sill plates, where your home lies on is foundation. Also, keep the doors of your garage closed unless you’re stepping out or in. Opened garages is like creating a huge air leak.

Detach garden hoses

Once you’re done tending to your garden for the season, disconnect the drain and keep your hoses. Close all shut-off valves that supply your outdoor hose bibs.

Open Your Kitchen Cabinets

Make sure warm air can go round evenly throughout your home during cold seasons as this allows the pipes to warm so slowly.

Relieve Pressure

A small trickle of water can stop ice from forming inside your pipes. If it’s extremely cold outside, open your faucets a bit to let the water drip. This will relieve pressure inside the pipes and prevent a rptuure should the water inside freeze.

Schedule a home winterization service in Knoxville TN with Hero Services.

A ruptured pipe in winter can be a chaotic scenario that results in severe water damage to your home and properties. As part of our winterization strategy for homeowners in Knoxville TN, our technicians will disconnect the water main and drain all of the residual water. This will make sure that your pipes don’t freeze. Hero Srvices has a track record of successfully solving plumbing problems in Knoxville TN. We provide a maintenance plan that can protect your pipes, appliances, and plumbing fixtures in freezing temperatures.

You can always call us for support. Hero Services in Knoxville, TN is always ready to help its neighboring homeowners.

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