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Signs to look for to determine if you need a sink replacement

Leaking sink

This is the most obvious sign that your sink needs a replacement. When you have repaired your leaking sink over and over and over again and you still have leaks pop up, the best course of action is to remove the old sink and replace it with a new one. If you neglect leaks, they can damage your cabinets, penetrate into the wood flooring and cause even more damage. Hero Services is available for your sink and installment services in Knoxville TN.

Stains and discorolations

Is your sink severely discolored? This might be an indicator that you need to replace your sink. There have been cases of deeply embedded stains that no amount of cleaning can take them out. If you can stand the sight of your sink stained, call hero services and we will be there right away to offer the best solution.

Stainless steel rust

If you use corrosive chemicals to clean your stainless steel sink, it’d most likely start to rust quickly. In situations like this, you just have to replace the sink. Otherwise, you’d be dealing with leaks in the nearest future.

Worm Enamel

If you own a Porcelain sink that is decades old, its enamel might have worn away. This usually happens when chemical cleaners and wire brushes have been used to wash the sink repeatedly. These items can cause the degradation of the veneer, leading to ugly spots that have the potential to leak. Do you have porcelain that has reached this stage? Let our experienced plumbers in Knoxville TN perform a sink replacement for you.


There are moments when you just want a bit of change in your home. If you’ve gotten bored of your kitchen style and design or your current sink doesn’t match your kitchen decor, you can have it replaced. At Hero Services, we understand that different customers have different preferences. We respect your uniqueness, and we’ve got you covered. We will work with your budget without compromising quality. Call Hero Service today for your Knoxville Tn sink installation and replacement services.


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